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Sportco 22LR box Magazines

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The Sportco straight magazine comes in two variants.

TYPE 1 is for the majority of the Sportco range, fitting all the bolt action, pump action and semi-automatic models.

This variant comes in both 10 and 20 round capacity.  The Type 1 does not fit the later (and last) models made by Sportco (66D and 66S) or the Winchester Model 320.

TYPE 2 is for the last models manufactured by Sportco (66D and 66S) including the actions manufactured for the Model 320 Winchester rifle.

This magazine does not fit the earlier Sportco rifles that take the Type 1 variant. Sportco only sold the 10 round magazine for their last models, whilst Winchester sold both 10 and 5 round capacity magazines for the Model 320.

A  failing of the Winchester 320 was the ease in which the magazine assembly could be pulled from the action, even with the magazine catch still in place.

This was caused by a weak magazine catch spring which the company attempted to fix by issuing a stronger version replaced free of charge under warranty.

Most Winchester Model 320 rifles can still have their magazine pulled from the rifle with little effort even after the "fix".

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Sportco Type 1

 10 round straight (does not fit the Model 66D or 66S.)

Type 2 (5 round) variant (left) compared to Type 1 (10 round) right.
Note higher location of magazine catch detent on Type 2.

Type 2 (left) has a

plastic cartridge follower compared to the

metal type found

in Type 1 (right)